Terms of Service

Last updated November 21, 2023

There are a few rules about our affiliate program you should know about. No “gotchas” here, just some terms to keep everyone happy.

  • Self-referrals are not allowed (i.e. signing up for WordHero through your own affiliate link)
  • Abuse, gaming, attempting to mislead (i.e. posting fake discounts to coupon-sharing websites), or bringing our business into disrepute will result in your account being permanently banned.
  • In some cases, we can give credit to an affiliate even if the customer didn’t sign up through an affiliate link or coupon code. If you have a case like this, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.
  • No search engine ads (especially on branded terms or domain names), Facebook ads or other ads that would compete with our own marketing and cause potential confusion for customers.
  • No Facebook ads that link to our website or anything similar that would compete with our own paid marketing and drive up our costs and potentially cause confusion.
  • No pretending to be acting on behalf of us (ie. as an employee).
  • No spamming or unsolicited emails, SMS, or messages in any channel.
  • We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time.

We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account for violation of any of the rules at our sole discretion. Commissions generated by mechanisms that are in violation of our Terms of Service will not be paid or owed.

Commission attribution

AIvolut (or WordHero) commissions are assigned based on:

  • 30-day cookie retention period (or cookie window). The "cookie window" specifies how many days a referral (click) is eligible for conversion. Conversions that happen within this window will be attributed the affiliate, and conversions that happen after this window will not be attributed to the affiliate.
  • First click attribution. The customer is assigned to the affiliate whose referral link is clicked first. 
  • Commission validity period. Commissions are valid up till 12 months after the first customer payment.

Commission payment

AIvolut (or WordHero) commissions are paid:

  • Monthly (usually on the last week of the month)
  • At least 60 days from the referral, to account for any possible refunds
  • Via PayPal. In order to receive payment, you must provide a valid PayPal email address. You are wholly responsible for making sure the PayPal email address specified is correctly updated. Once payments are made, they are final and cannot be reversed.
  • PayPal may charge you a fee for receiving payments.
  • When the total amount owing is equal to or greater than $100 USD.